Thank you for your interest in my labor support services. Beautifully Made Doula Service was founded to support women during birth and to meet the growing need for labor support in our community.

I support women through ALL types of birth, whether you decided that

Hospital Birth, Birth Center, Home Birth or Cesarean Birth

is best for you and your baby.

It is now widely recognized that choosing to add a labor support person to one’s birth team can yield many positive benefits. A woman’s memories of her birth experiences last a lifetime and can have powerful effects on her self esteem and confidence. I am committed to helping women and couples feel empowered and supported as they experience birth.

It is my goal to help mothers learn to trust in their beautiful, strong bodies and to trust in birth. The moment that a baby is born is joyous and magical, and it is my wish for mothers and their partners to experience the birth of their babies as fully as possible.

It would be an honor to have the opportunity to share this time with you. I will work to support you in birthing your baby in an environment that you feel comfortable and confident in and will work for you to ensure that you are aware of and informed on all options available to you.

Beautifully Made Doula Service is also proud to offer

Birth Photography, Placenta Encapsulation, Bengkung Belly Binding, Birth Plan Consultation and Childbirth Preparation Classes.

I serve expectant families in a 50 mile radius of McCleary including Aberdeen, Ocean Shores, Westport, Montesano, Elma, Olympia, Rochester, Chehalis, Shelton, JBLM Tacoma and surrounding areas.

I am there to support your birth, your way; whatever that means to you.



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Normal Business Hours:
8:00am-8:00pm Daily
March 2017
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