You’re eating…what?!?

Ingesting your placenta after birth is becoming increasingly popular among women everywhere, but why? Despite the fact that no scientific organizations have done significant research on the subject I have had many clients claim that by eating their placenta (this can be done in many different ways that we will get to in a minute) they have less bleeding after birth, more energy, higher milk supply and an overall feeling of well being and balance after their birth. There are many ways that you can go about ingesting your placenta to give the amazing nutrients back to their body and to achieve the benefits that come with it.

Some women choose to eat their placenta raw whether on its own or in smoothies. You can also choose to cook the placenta as you would other meat. While this is an option some women do not have the stomach to  ingest their placenta in this way and choose to have it encapsulated or made into tincture. By doing this you take the placenta in either pill form or as a liquid rather than eating it. Placenta encapsulation leaves you with a jar of what looks like vitamins that you can take a couple of times throughout the day. Tincture is slightly different and after it is processed you have an incredibly powerful liquid that you can take a couple of drops of when you feel that your emotions or your body can use a boost whether it be from illness, stress or the sleep deprivation that can come with having a new baby in the house.

When it comes to eating your placenta know that you have options and that I am happy to talk to you about all of them and what may fit your lifestyle and needs best.


I am a the owner of Beautifully Made Doula Service and provide birth doula services, birth photography, placenta services, birth plan consultations and childbirth preparation classes to expecting families in Grays Harbor County and surrounding areas.

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