Childbirth Preparation 6 Week Course

Beautifully Made Doula Service offers childbirth preparation classes in private and small group settings.

***2017 6 WEEK CBE SCHEDULE***

🌞April 5th- May 10th

Great for late Summer and early Fall due dates.

Wednesday evenings 5:00-7:00

🍂May 17th- June 21st

Perfect for late Fall and early Winter babies.

Wednesday evenings 5:00-7:00

June 28th- August 2nd

If you are preparing for a new baby at the end of 2017 this is you class!

Wednesday evenings from 5:00-7:00

October 4th- November 8th

If you are expecting a new addition in early 2018 this is the class for you!

Wednesday evenings 5:00-7:00

All sessions are $200 per couple and will include everything that you need to prepare you for a healthy pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. 

There is a $100 deposit due at the time of registration to hold your place for the session as class sizes are limited. 

What is covered?

Maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy

Understanding the Birth Process

Making Thoughtful Decisions

Finding Comfort for Your Labor

Preparation for Parenthood and Breastfeeding

Why take a private childbirth class?

The benefit of taking a private childbirth class is that it can be tailored to you. This class is more focused on you and the questions that you have surrounding your birth.


Private classes are $250

Small Group classes are $200

All  prices are per person/couple.

A 6 Hour Birth Basics class will be also be added soon. 

If you have any questions or would like to set up a class call 360-451-4777 or fill out the contact form below

*Breastfeeding Basics $50

This class will go over the things that you need to begin a strong breastfeeding relationship with your baby; the hormones that drive breastfeeding, your baby’s feeding cues and how to recognize them early, how to recognize problems early in your breastfeeding journey and how to correct them early, resources to help you along the way and much more.

*Baby Basics $50

We will go over everything that you need to know about bringing your new addition home. Some of the things that are covered in this class include: feeding, bathing, soothing, how to interpret the cues that your baby gives you as well as what to watch for and when to call your baby’s doctor.

*Maintaining a Health Pregnancy $50

This class focuses on the importance of nutrition and fitness for the health of you and your baby. We will discuss diet and where nutrition should come from, exercise during pregnancy for any fitness level and how to fit a healthy diet and exercise into your busy life.

*Comfort Measures for Birth $75

This class is to teach you and your partner not only how to keep you as comfortable as possible as your labor progresses but also how to work with your baby and your body. This class also covers positioning and the tools that are available to you in many settings.

*Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond $25

We will discuss how to use essential oils safely during your pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period and with your new baby. I will also discuss common uses for essential oils during all of these phases and how they may be able to help you.


All of these classes can be privately taught in my office if you would rather go over the information one on one rather than as a group. Private classes do have a small additional fee that I am happy to discuss with.

If you have any question or are interested in registering for a group class or scheduling a private class I can be contacting using the contact form below or by phone at 360-451-4777.




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