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Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation and Tincture

I have made the decision to offer this service because despite the lack of studies to back the effect so many of my clients have made the choice to ingest their placenta through encapsulation and tincture and have had wonderful results including:

  • Decrease in “baby blues” and postpartum depression
  • Increased energy
  • Increase in milk production
  • Decrease in postpartum bleeding
  • Helps your uterus to shrink back down to normal size
  • Decreases the likelihood of iron deficiency
  • Brings physical and emotional balance
  • Has been shown to be helpful for women going through menopause

Placenta Encapsulation

In order to ensure that your placenta is safe for you to consume I use a method to encapsulate that involves steaming your placenta before dehydrating it for 24 hours, both of these steps are done at a temperature that is meant to kill bacteria to make sure that everything that you are putting back into your body will be beneficial to you are your baby. After dehydrating your placenta is made into a powder and put into capsules. Once the capsules are completed I will drop them off to you so that you can start taking them as soon as possible. This entire process generally takes 2-3 days.

Placenta Tincture

Placenta tincture is made by soaking a portion of your placenta in 100 proof alcohol for 6 weeks, after 6 weeks has passed the placenta is strained out and the liquid if returned to you.

Uses and Benefits of Placenta Tincture

Placenta tincture is a very powerful liquid that works great during times of transition, stress and hormonal imbalance. Tincture is also great for helping with the return of cycles and during menopause, since the tincture is made with high grain alcohol it is able to be kept safely for long periods of time.


Placenta Encapsulation performed in my home $200

Placenta Encapsulation performed in your home $225

Placenta Tincture (16 oz) $50

Cord keepsakes are available for no additional charge as long as I am notified before I begin processing your placenta.

If you feel as though you are ready to move forward you can access my contact by clicking the link below.

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