The choice to contact you was the absolute best choice I could’ve made for my birth plan. My biggest goal all the way from trimester one, was to have a natural unmedicated vaginal delivery, which once I was actually in labor proved to be much more of a challenge lol 😉 I would not have made it as far as I did with my head on straight through the pain without you there helping me every moment- utter exhaustion, hunger, it didn’t matter, your only focus was to help me get through birth one contraction at a time. That has got to be the most amazing thing I have ever experienced, it’s like it was not just me laboring, it was us-we were a team. After over 24hrs of labor, (including before the hospital), 30+hrs of no sleep, practically no food, I didn’t even need to verbalize things anymore. I didn’t have to say a word, it seemed like you were in tune with me and could tell when I was contracting whether I showed it or not!

When I first told my mom I wanted an unmedicated delivery, she really didn’t seem to support it, kept telling me how an epidural isn’t that bad and how the pain will be so horrible and impossible to handle, was worried I would be in so much pain it would harm the baby or cause complications and would tell me her horror story from when her epidural failed and she had no pain relief. Pretty much my entire pregnancy everyone who I told that I was having no meds would sometimes literally laugh or tell me flat out that I don’t know what I’m talking about and I won’t be able to do it. So I felt extremely down about the fact I had basically no support, the birthing classes got cancelled so I had absolutely no coping skills!! My mom even told me, and you at our first meeting, that she knows she wouldn’t be able to help me because the moment she sees me in pain she would want it to stop because I’m her baby.

You were absolutely my saving grace, I was so passionate about wanting to be unmedicated unless I absolutely couldn’t handle it or there was complications. I wasn’t able to go completely unmedicated, but I did for over 24hr! You supported and encouraged me every step of the way and if you weren’t there I wouldn’t have had the strength to keep it up for so long.

I hope you are still a doula years from now because I already know once baby two comes along, and any future children I may have, I’ll be calling you !!
You truly made the experience one I look forward to doing again in the years to come. ♥v

I am a the owner of Beautifully Made Doula Service and provide birth doula services, birth photography, placenta services, birth plan consultations and childbirth preparation classes to expecting families in Grays Harbor County and surrounding areas.

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