We were so happy to have Amy as our doula! I contacted her when I was four or five months pregnant and living in another state. She was always quick to respond to my questions, concerns, and anything else. It really calmed my nerves to know that we would have such a sweet lady by our sides when we moved to Washington! We had a birth center birth planned, and although we had planned for her to meet us at our house when labor started, baby had other plans and she met us at the birth center in the middle of the night. She stayed by our side throughout the night, offering much needed encouragement, suggesting different positions, and doing some counter pressure. She also took some lovely pictures for us that she also edited and did our placenta encapsulation. After the birth, we had two postpartum in home meetings and she made sure I was doing well emotionally and physically. Whether you are looking for a birth doula (having a hospital birth, birth center birth, c section, home birth) , a birth photographer, placenta encapsulation, or childbirth education, Amy would be a wonderful choice!

I am a the owner of Beautifully Made Doula Service and provide birth doula services, birth photography, placenta services, birth plan consultations and childbirth preparation classes to expecting families in Grays Harbor County and surrounding areas.

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